About The Movie

The Witches is a very imaginative book written by Roald Dahl. I remember reading this book in elementary school and instantly falling in love. I enjoyed the book's world so much that I thought I saw witches everywhere!

In 1990, a movie adaptation of Dahl's book was released starring Anjelica Huston as The Grand High Witch, Jasen Fisher as Luke, and Mai Zetterling as Grandma. And I was so happy that the movie was as good as it was. Of course, no movie will ever live up to the book it's based on. But this movie is pretty awesome anyway.

I loved Huston as The Grand High Witch. And the close relationship between Luke and his Grandma was still there in the movie. And I enjoyed seeing Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean) play the hotel owner. That was great!

For me, seeing one of my favorite books come alive was enchanting. I still watch this movie a lot. Any chance I get. It's amazing and a wonderful fantasy to lose yourself in.


Anjelica Huston ... Miss Eva Ernst / Grand High Witch
Mai Zetterling ... Helga Eveshim
Jasen Fisher ... Luke Eveshim
Rowan Atkinson ... Mr. Stringer
Bill Paterson ... Mr. Jenkins
Brenda Blethyn ... Mrs. Jenkins
Charlie Potter ... Bruno Jenkins
Jane Horrocks ... Miss Irvine
Anne Lambton ... Woman in Black